Indications of Weak Venus in the Horoscope

These are lack of beauty, charm or grace, refinement, sensitivity, love or affection. Native may be more coarse aggressive or vulgar. The marriage may be delayed or one may have marital/ romantic problems. For men relationship with women may be difficult or wife may suffer. For women feminine qualities may be low. Physically there may be weakness of bones, kidneys, reproductive system, infertility, low energy, poor immune system, chronic urinary tract infection and complication due to over indulgence in sex, eating and drinking.
Astrological Factor
Venus is significator of marriage, wife, vehicles and all physical comforts of life. It is weak when:
i. Fall (debility) in Virgo.
ii. Combust, retrograde or lost in planetary war.
iii. Aspect by malefic or in 6/8th house.
She represents SE direction and is generally benefic for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius Lagna, where in her higher qualities of devotion, joy affection or creativity could be strengthened. She governs eyes, generative system, throat, chin, cheeks, kidney and various glands. Venus in her own Nakshtra gives good and charming life; in Nakshtra of Sun causes eye trouble; in Nakshtra of Moon, Mars or Saturn causes sexual diseases/ perversions; in Nakshtra of Mercury causes leukoderma, burning urination and cystitis; in Nakshtra of Jupiter it cause jaundice, urinary problems and general weakness in sex; in Nakshtra of Rahu insatiable sexual urge, leukoderma and spermatorrhea are caused.
Psychological Indicators
Venus represents our capacity to project love and beauty. Life comes from bliss and expresses bliss. Issue with Venus is how one defines happiness as outwardly pleasure or as inwardly joy. True joy comes through sufferings while pleasure usually results in sufferings. The higher Venus energy arises through devotion, defining our love as consciousness and being in all beings.
Presiding deity for Venus is Sachi or Laxmi.
Beej Mantra :
“Om draam dreem droom sah shukraye namaha “lord shukra
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