indian health insurance sector emerging day by day

Due to the persisting uncertainty of diseases and pandemics that have hit the whole economy hard, there is an immediate need to get ourselves insured of these contingencies. So people look for those health insurance policies where they could have a chance to avail maximum benefits within the least cost. I & D hospital solutions aim to provide these agencies with the best offers and facilities to bring their customer’s utmost satisfaction. I & D hospital solutions strive to bridge and bring empanelment with different authorities: Empanelment with TPA- Third-party administrator brings an ultimate contribution to the health sector by outsourcing cashless facilities to the insurance companies striving to bring in secured health for their potential customers. TPAs provided by us serve as an intermediary between the insurance provider and insured ones. TPA helps availing customers with a low premium on the policy’s insured sum. (hospital empanelment) Empanelment with Insurance companies- I&D hospital solutions link two authorities of insured and insurer by bringing in best facilities which ensure smooth functioning of the latter. Claim and debt management, which brings in speedy compensation remedies for loss and damage, are effectively managed by us to make the work of insurance companies much more accessible. Empanelment with state government tie-up – Affiliation with government policies and programs help different agencies and organisations to avail themselves of additional facilities at much lesser rates. Tieing up with the state government enables people to feel a sense of security and protection, bringing good opportunities in return. Empanelment with Ayushman Bharat- Linking with government policy of Ayushman Bharat Jan Arogya Yojna, which brings in free evolvement on health insurance coverage for those who come under the category of low-income earners. 50% of the population avails this benefit by qualifying under this scheme for primary care and secondary health care services either from their family doctor or public/private hospitals. I&D hospital solutions empanelling with the government launched initiative of Ayushman Bharat bring sustainable development among people. Empanelment with ECHS CGHS ESI – Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme brings in allopathic and AYUSH medicare to those who have retired from their services by providing high-cost surgery for treatment of various incurred diseases by central government employees in those hospitals which are empanelled with I&D hospital solution. All types of treatment, are radio technology-based, or other advanced therapies, all get covered under the policy provided. (ECHS empanelment. The Central Government Health Scheme benefits existing and current government employees. It includes all medical facilities covering Ayurveda, allopathic, yoga, Unani and other homeopathic treatment and medicines. Empanelment with such schemes comes up with specialist consultation facilities along with laboratory examinations that provide immense benefits to the linked hospitals with I&D hospital solutions significantly. (cghs empanelment). Employee State Insurance provides life cover to the employees against uncertainties and contingencies that could arise in the future. This facility nowadays is made available by all institutions as it acts as a shield to their unpredicted life, which are the guardians of their respective work organizations. This government scheme comes with immense benefits, which bring satisfaction among employees where I&D hospital solutions play an essential role to get all these additional benefits under one roof and shed. Wrapping up- We bring practical solutions to the problems encountered, be it medical facilities availed or cashless facilities outsourcing or quick reimbursement for losses or damages being experienced, which helps fulfill the needs and brings utmost satisfaction by building goodwill for the recognised institution operating in the economy. Our premium services provided in different areas and regions of the country leave no space for regret and dissatisfaction and significantly rise above all competitors.

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