I & D hospital solutions- principal healthcare consulting firm.

Being part of the top 10 healthcare consulting firms in India aims to bring quality services that contribute to the growth of the firms and enable them to get maximum potential clients. We aim at facilitating the best facilities agencies and administrations by providing medical facilitators who guide and help in the smooth functioning of hospitals.

Acting as a medical facilitator.

We come up with the availability of a medical facilitator who aims at serving the needs of the particular hospital in which the one is registered. The medical facilitator helps select a worthy doctor or surgeon who would be suitable enough to incur the responsibility to do a safe and successful surgery.

As in the case of need, one couldn’t invest much time searching for a good doctor, the appropriate place, and the best facility to avail in a respective hospital, so here comes the role of medical facilitator as reputable one have established a relationship with a chain of hospital facilitators which help hospitals to know about the best facility that they can avail from administration respectively.

As medical facilitators are the ones who have inspected hospital facilities available and the location if it is safe to travel.

They help keep and track the records of the hospitals and report to the appropriate agencies. Medical facilitators thus ensure that all the documents needed are gathered, are secure and kept confidential through an established system.

It builds a bridge of communication between the hospital administration and the agencies as all the queries and questions of agencies like insurance companies can be adequately addressed through facilitators.

I&D hospital solutions have even turned successful in providing services of those hospitals that have already gained Nabh Certification, which clearly states that hospitals listed under us are all certified to provide quality healthcare services as per global standards. NABH certification is a symbol of recognition for any hospital; thus, agencies’ expectations increase concerning the quality of services provided.

ROHINI (Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance) refers to the registration of individual hospitals in health insurers and third-party administrators and medical centres, which benefits health insurance stakeholders. Under this, all hospitals provide cashless facilities in terms of reimbursement claims. All hospitals registered under the network of insurance institutions help hospitals excel in providing the best services.

The registration process brings several benefits, which includes:

  • If all hospitals and medical centres are listed under this, processing insurance claims would turn faster and more efficiently.
  • The authenticity and visibility of the hospitals across different countries become clear and specific.
  • Analytical reporting and identification becomes more accessible and more reliable, be it in different regions or nations considerably.
  • Facilitation of information to various hospitals which can be delivered safely to the hospitals.

We even provide medical consultancy services where the most educated and professional doctors provide comprehensive and tailored services to simplify the procedures related to clients’ needs. Those who offer consultancy through our platform who have excelled in terms of experience in their specialised area of medicine who are found working in hospitals or community settings.

Service of Ayush Bharat provided by I&D hospital solutions: 

I & D hospital solutions come up with the facilitation of government schemes and Ayush Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, which comes up with public health insurance coverage to benefit people with the best advantages. The Government of India designs this scheme to assist those economically vulnerable in society or fall below the poverty line to avail the immense benefits available under this scheme. Hospitals and other agencies offering such beneficial plans make them stand out from other competing hospitals and institutions.

At the same time, this scheme makes it easy to adopt due to affordability, which will help achieve the target set by the government in terms of universal health coverage by 2030.

Wrapping up

Providing all beneficial facilities under one roof and shed helps us emerge as the most reliable service provider certified for NABH Accreditation and provides government schemes and insurance tie-ups that make people’s lives valuable and secure. The other facility that agencies choose to avail themselves of is the cashless desk facility, which arises in reimbursement of payments or loans, respectively.

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