How Homeopathy Helps in Dentition?

The time of teething varies from child to child, but it usually starts from 6  months to 12 months of age. In some children, the teething process can  begin as early as three months of age.

Common problems during teething 

1. Excessive salivation (it may cause a mild rash around the mouth) 2. Excessive chewing of things

3. Putting fingers in the mouth

4. Irritability, crying, fretfulness, cranky behavior, restlessness 5. Sleeplessness at night

6. Swollen, sore, red, tender gums

7. Formation of fluid-filled blister around the erupting tooth 8. Diarrhea

9. Decreased appetite


Homeopathic Medicines for Teething:- 

1. Calcarea carbonica- Calcium deficiency in teething children who  are obese.

Excessive perspiration over the scalp.

2. Calcarea phosphoricum- For emaciated, rachitic children with  open fontanelles, who are slow in teething and whose teeth decay  rapidly.

3. Chamomilla- For irritable children , one cheek is red, the other  pale. Greenish, offensive diarrhea .

The gums are red and tender.

4. Cicuta virosa- For convulsions in teething children.

5. Coffea cruda- For sleeplessness due to teething troubles.

6. Kreosote- For spongy and painful gums, when erupted, show  marks of decay on them.

General Management:- 

▪ Rub the gums with a clean finger, or a slightly wet piece of gauze.  Use a gentle pressure to ease discomfort.

▪ Apply cold compress in the form of a cold, wet cloth, a chilled  spoon or a teething ring. It helps to ease the swelling and soreness in  teething gums.

▪ Chewing upon hard foods like peeled carrot or cucumber can help  provide relief.

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