Housekeeping Interview Questions with Answers

Working in a housekeeping position requires hard work, physical capability, and stamina.
In addition, a housekeeping worker needs to interact with customers on a one on one basis which is extremely challenging.
If you are in a position to hire someone to provide housekeeping services or seeking a housekeeping position, then the following interview questions (and expected appropriate answers) will be useful.

Equally important is to know about how to prepare for a housekeeper interview.
Housekeeping Interview Questions and Answers
Tell me about yourself?
I am a dedicated housekeeper with extensive experience in hotel housekeeping. I am proficient in cleaning rooms, changing the linens, taking out the trash and cleaning the bathrooms. Also, I am competent in clearing off snow from parking areas using manual and chemical procedures.
Why did you choose to work in this Housekeeping position?
I have exceptional cleaning skills which make me comfortable while performing different kinds of cleaning and sanitation tasks. Besides, I have a demonstrated ability to perform minor repair and maintenance tasks. Because of these skills, I can provide exceptional housekeeping services.
What are the key tasks of a housekeeper?
Typical housekeeping duties include; cleaning designated, changing linens, damp dusting horizontal surfaces, vents, trash removal, cleaning/scouring sinks, mopping, vacuuming carpets, and washing windows, door frames, and other vertical surfaces. There might be other tasks which may be assigned by the employer. I will be pleased to perform all of the given functions beyond my job scope.
How do you manage to complete multiple housekeeping tasks in a single day?
I am good at multitasking and task prioritization. When given multiple tasks for a day I immediately prioritize them and set to work. This strategy almost always helps me in completing the day’s tasks no matter how many there are.
Are you familiar with chemical cleaning precautions?
Yes, I am an expert in chemical cleaning and fully understand the precautions to be followed while using any chemical cleaners including ice cleaners. I am capable of reading and following instructions to book that comes with various chemical cleaners.
What are the strengths that help you as a housekeeper?
My strengths are persistence, patience, and organization. These traits support me not only in the role of housekeeping but also in dealing with customers effectively.
How well do you work in a team?
I am good at interpersonal relationships and exercise my effective communication skills when needed to work in a team. I also try to help my colleagues whenever possible which makes me a very productive team player.
Explain a time when your work was criticized? How did you handle it?
During my first year of work, my supervisor called me once and criticized me for not cleaning the windows correctly. I took the criticism positively and improved my window cleaning skills.
How do you react if you are asked to perform tasks that are not in your job description?
I am a helpful person, and generally gladly fill in for my colleagues. However, if I am continuously asked to perform tasks that are not part of my duty, then would I discuss the matter openly and politely with my supervisor.
How do you handle a client who is angry or upset and dissatisfied with your work?
If a client is not happy with my work, I apologize and then work on improving my services. I always try my best to understand the client’s housekeeping requirements fully and to deliver a high standard of housekeeping and clients are generally happy with my work.
How do you manage to take on simultaneous tasks as is the nature of any hospitality job?
To be able to multitask, one has to have a clear head. I make sure I get enough sleep before I report to work and I have a habit of not just multitasking physically but mentally as well. If one has to work in a capacity that is so demanding, one has to do a lot of mental computing to get the job done right.
How would you calm down a particularly irate customer?
I do not believe in arguing – so I will listen to what he or she has to say first without interrupting. When I know for sure what is bothering him or her, I will try to look for a solution that satisfies the customer and is also within the policies and procedures of my place of work
How would you react if you see misconduct or inappropriate behavior in a fellow worker?
I will report it immediately to the supervisor since I would not want the facility or the management to suffer due to an employee’s indiscretion.

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