GIPSA What is meant by GIPSA? And why is it important?

GIPSA stands for (General Insurance Public Sector Association) which is helpful for health insurance policyholders. It is a group of the four best public sector insurance companies. And those companies are New India Assurance Company, Oriental Insurance company, United India Insurance company, and National Insurance company.

This group of companies has limited cashless services for hospitals and creates their preferred provider networks (PPNs) based on their packages. According to the reports, this decision has impacted more than 5.49 crore health insurance policyholders.

How Does Gipsa Work?

As we know, GIPSA is General Insurance Public Sector Association, and the work of GIPSA is to provide insurance facilities. GIPSA includes insurance coverage for common illnesses like the appendix, kidney stones, hysterectomy, angioplasty, etc.

According to the reports, more than 550 hospitals and 12 cities across India have GIPSA services.

Suppose you live in places like Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Jaipur, etc. So you can take advantage of it.

Essential Points For Policyholders-

Points to remember for policyholders decided by GIPSA –
  • Policyholders can easily take advantage of cashless mediclaim insurance services from the hospitals approved by GIPSA.
  • Hospitals under GIPSA have to charge as per the decided package rates. If any hospital charges beyond the fixed rates, then policyholders take action against those hospitals with the help of insurance companies.
  • If policyholders want to claim their refund for the treatment done by the hospitals under GIPSA, then the insurer has to repay as per the GIPSA rates.
What Are The Benefits Of GIPSA

Here are some of the benefits of GIPSA-
  • All four insurance companies have prepared special package rates with the hospitals across many cities in India for several medical procedures.
  • The main motive of the GIPSA is to provide the standard packages and charges, so said customers don’t have to pay much, and they can be treated in the best hospitals too with the help of GIPSA insurance services.
  • Medical treatments such as kidney transplants, coronary artery bypass, knee replacement, dialysis, liver transplant, etc., are generally covered by GIPSA.
How Does I&D Hospital Solution Help You?

I&D hospital solution is already enrolled in GIPSA services. I&D hospital solution provides treatment coverage decided by GIPSA.

They provide the proper claim management services consisting of consultation and assistance regarding claims for compensation, refund, or any other problem related to damage and loss.

Benefits From I&D Hospital Solution-
  • Increased coverage for patients.
  • Providing benefits to patients with the facilities of cashless insurance services.
  • Give support for claims regarding compensation and refund problems.

You can take the GIPSA cashless insurance services and take the benefits from it. It will help you with your medical treatment and give you a cost-effective health insurance policy.

I&D Hospital Solution provides the best coverage and package plans, and you can learn more about the coverage policy, claims, and terms and conditions in detail.
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