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I am Hardi Bhatt, an SEO Executive at Our website specialises in Astrology and products around it.

Since we write about some similar topics and I understand that some of our themes overlap, I was thinking if we can work something out together. So I am reaching out to pitch a guest post that I think will be relevant to your audience.

Here is a quick outline of the post that I want to post on your site. 


Topic 1: Five Best Zodiac Couples made in Heaven

Topic 2: What Your Sun sign says about your dressing style

Topic 3: Coffee Lover or Tea addict…Know Based on Your Sign

Topic 4: Jupiter Retrograde Aquarius

Topic 5: Effects of Mars Venus Conjunction & Sun Opposite Saturn on Your Sign


Please let me know if the topic is a good fit for your website, so I can go ahead and start working on it.

Thank You. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

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