Do not be misled, stay away from rumors, police trying to convince people

Subhead: DM and SSP investigated,
SSP posted on police and PAC supposed , additionally watched out for Twitter,
My City correspondent
Noida reacted to numerous . There was harmony in the area on Friday between the commotion over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and over the state, however the police in Noida-Greater Noida showed up on alert. The police have spoke to the individuals to avoid gossipy tidbits and not be deceived with the goal that harmony wins. Numerous deception and bits of gossip about the Citizenship Amendment Act are being spread. Simultaneously, the police is additionally observing the interpersonal interaction site. The SSP reacted to the tweets of a few people on Twitter and offered for harmony.
SSP Vaibhav Krishna demonstrated mirror to numerous individuals on Twitter on Friday. Initial a Twitter handle spoke to individuals to arrive at Film City situated in Sector-16A. To this the SSP answered that here Section 144 is locked in and don’t take lawfulness close by. Along these lines, reacting to a tweet by senior writer Vinod Kapri, the SSP composed that you are a mindful resident and you are not anticipating this. After this, Twitter went on the two sides. After this, Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh likewise bounced on the side of Vinod. Sanjay Singh composed who is spreading perplexity about CAA. The focal government is stating something and Amit Shah is stating something. BJP IT cells are spreading contempt straightforwardly, they don’t see you liable. Vinod is reckless on the off chance that he shares any data. In that spot Senior columnist Sudhir Chaudhary composed a tweet of provocative flyers on Twitter and composed that these pamphlets are being dispersed outside numerous mosques. Reacting to this, the SSP composed that by tweeting the fiery handout, you have spread this incendiary thing to everybody who was conveying it. This can ruin the air. You can likewise arrive at your point without tweeting it. Help the police make harmony by expelling this pamphlet from the tweet. After this it was expelled from Twitter.
Petitions performed under the shadow of supplications were acted in
Noida, harmony offering in different mosques including Sector-8. Because of the petitions, the police and PAC were sent in the mosques of Sector-8 Jama Masjid, Sector-54, Kakrala, Sector-50 and so on since morning. In excess of ten thousand individuals go to the Jama Masjid in Sector 8 for namaz. In this manner, here under the authority of Shwetabh Pandey, the main official, more than 125 hundred cops were conveyed. Blockades were put on the ways prompting the mosque. The police likewise kept a watch from the tall structures.
DM and SSP assessed security
After brutality in the encompassing areas and Delhi, DM and SSP considered security in the locale. He continued refreshing every one of the spots each minute. Prior, Namaz’s first DM BN Singh and SSP Vaibhav Krishna visited numerous mosques. The two authorities additionally visited Jama Masjid in Sector 8. Saw the security framework here and associated with the residents. Truth be told, on Thursday night, police were educated that some enemy of social components are appropriating incendiary leaflets around the mosques. On this, the police woke up around evening time.

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