Creamy Garlic Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

ALERT ALERT ALERT! Only a small amount of time and a few ingredients stand between you and a skillet full of creamy, garlicky, flavorful, romantic, and dangerously good pasta. Tender sun-dried tomatoes, maybe some spinach, creamy sauce, bouncy noodles, and a heavy dusting of Parmesan. This is an urgent matter. I think you understand.A few important things for your review before you take a swim in this creamy, luscious pan of pasta:
First of all, can you ever go wrong with garlic, white wine, and cream in a sauce? Hint: no. It’s just a cheat code for greatness. It makes short ingredient lists everywhere very, very happy.
Secondly, spirali is the most fun pasta shape of all time and I won’t debate with you about this. It’s a skinny little tube, like bucatini, but it’s wound into a tight spiral, so you get a spiraly shape that is very subtly voluminous and airy at the same time. Spring gift to yourself: an order of specialty pasta to make your weeknight cooking into a fun adventure. File under things you say after age 30.
Bringing You a Very Simple Ingredient List
Okay, your star players in this recipe are:
pasta (spirali, spirali, spirali! it’s too much fun)
white wine
sun-dried tomatoes
And… the rest is kind of up to you. You can throw in a handful of spinach and some sliced chicken sausage if you want. Make it a one-pot meal.
Or you can just dive in headfirst.
You’ll Need Delicious, Quality Pasta Here
Truthfully, one of my favorite SOS hacks is keeping versatile, good-quality foods on hand at all times.
DeLallo is the source of many of my favorite items in this category.
Their website is FULL and I mean really FULL of fun made-in-Italy products that can ship right to your door, and we have a large selection of all of these things at our office kitchen since we’ve been working with DeLallo for like, 8 years? Longest standing brand partner on POY because we love them and so do you. ♡
In my home kitchen, however, space is tight, so I have to reduce my stash to just a few of our most beloved favorites:
whole wheat orzo
tomato sauce
sun-dried tomatoes
and now, spirali
Whatever kind of noodle you use, it’s just a fact: pasta in a creamy white wine garlic sauce, speckled with tender bites of sun dried tomatoes and a handful of fresh herbs makes any SOS weeknight just a little less SOS-y and a lot more wonderful.
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