Central Railway ran fewer local trains between Pune and Lonavala despite rising demand

The whole variety of instruct journeys has also remained stagnant — just 16 journeys between Pune and Lonavala and 17 between Lonavala and Pune each and every day. There are both speedy and slow trains on the route.
While there has been an growing demand for higher connectivity between Pune and Lonavala, the genuine range of trains run between the two cities witnessed a decline over the past few years. Data obtained under Right to Information (RTI) has printed that the Central Railway operated at least 1,500 fewer neighborhood trains between the two cities in 2018 as compared to 2012. two There were a complete of 1114 fewer train-runs from Pune to Lonavala, and 383 fewer runs in the contrary direction.
The RTI information indicates that in 2012, the Central Railway (CR) operated a total of 6,954 trains on Pune-Lonavala route, while just 5,840 trains ran on the route in 2018. On Lonavala-Pune route, the range of trains dropped from 6,588 in 2012 to 6,205 in 2018, it reveals. An average of 3.4 to 3.5 crore passengers shuttle between the two cities every year, according to legitimate data. Currently, the CR runs a complete of 16 trains on Pune-Lonavala route, 17 on Lonavala-Pune route, and one between Shivajinagar and Talegaon each day.
The CR officials, when approached on the issue, blamed the drop in educate services on cancellations due to operation of “maintenance blocks” and “work blocks” on the route due to a variety of ongoing developmental projects. “It’s genuine that the number of trains that are without a doubt operated have long past down. As a depend of policy, we have determined to stop the operations each time some maintenance work is to be carried out. Earlier, this wasn’t implemented so strictly. This leads to cancellations of trains. Last year, there were a whole of 848 (train service) cancellations between Pune and Lonavala. The cancellations in the previous year (in 2017) have been 510,” a spokesperson for Pune Division said.
Unlike the well-known Mumbai local trains — frequently referred to as the most city’s lifeline —in Pune local train services, which accomplished 40 years of operations in March this year, have remained extraordinarily bad and have viewed little enchancment for the reason that its inception.

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