Best Places to Visit in India in Monsoon Season

  1. Munnar
    Munnar is a hill station in Kerala. As a whole, Kerala will be very beautiful during winter with water filled backwaters, cool climate, green mountains and it is also the right time for Spa and Ayurvedic massages and other treatments. The best of Kerala is Munnar in monsoon. The hill station is packed with terrace farming and plantations. They will flourish during rainy season giving you ample amount of places to trek or for romantic strolls.
    The flowering plants will be at its bloom and you can enjoy the beauty without worrying about the sun. The roads might be little wet but the drizzles will be soft giving a romantic touch to every place in this hill station. The best activity during monsoon in Munnar is a romantic walk in a coffee plantation during a mild rainy morning or evening.
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  2. Jim Corbett
    Jim Corbett is a small place in Uttarakhand. It is about 6 hours away from Delhi. This place is known for the national park. It is a common thought that the park is closed during monsoon season because it is breeding time. Not the whole park is closed. The Jhirna Zone is always open. Since it is the breeding time, you can see a lot of animals with their cubs. The cubs playing in rain is a wonderful sight that no words can explain.
    Rafting is possible in Jim Corbett during monsoon season. You can either choose jeep safari or elephant safari. The most common option is elephant safari during monsoon season. It is also easy to spot boars and antelopes during monsoon season. The best activity during monsoon in Jim Corbett is rafting inside the national park.
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  3. Udaipur
    Udaipur, the city of lakes is snuggled between Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan. During monsoons, the beauty of the city is increased manifold as the low lying dark clouds form a blanket over the skies and the blowing of cool breeze makes the place cool and comfortable. The five lakes are the lifeline of the city and as water is filled to the brim, the whole ambience of the place become calm and beautiful. Besides the lakes, the giant forts, tranquil temples and rich culture of the place casts a magic spell on the tourists.
    Udaipur in Monsoon Season
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  4. Bishnupur
    Bishnupur is located in West Bengal. It is about 150 km away from Kolkata. It is a place for those who love art and crafts. You can find a lot of terracotta sculptures and temples. During monsoon season, the rain will wash the terracotta sculptures and they will be very bright orange in colour and a mild aroma of clay can be found. The place looks very fresh.
    Moreover, this is the time when the inmates of Bishnupur start weaving Balcuhari silk sarees. You can watch them in action. Many events happen during monsoon season here. The most important monsoon activity in Bishnupur is wandering around Malleshwar Temple in mild drizzle. There are a lot of lodges and mid range hotels for accommodation in Bishnupur town.
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  5. Goa
    Goa is a land of beaches. During monsoon season, the beaches will be rich and fresh. The Dudhsagar fall is one of the romantic places in Goa. During rainy season, the falls are filled with water and the forests around the falls are greener and fresh. The water will be cold and refreshing.
    Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa in Monsoon
    People avoid Goa during monsoon because it might affect the nightlife out there. If you are looking for some adventure time, monsoon is the right time. The best activity in monsoon season in Goa is a trek to the falls and nearby forest in the morning or early evening.
    Goa Beach Monsoon
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  6. Malshej Ghat
    Malshej Ghat is a hill station in Maharashtra. It is known for lush waterfalls, mountains, plantations and others. It is more of countryside than a hill station. The place is filled with flowering plants and unique animals during monsoon season. During the rainy season you can enjoy a lot of water related activities in the lake and waterfalls.
    The best part of monsoon season in Malshej Ghat is watching the pink flamingos standing in one leg. Their mating dance is a wonderful sight. They are migration birds that come from Siberia. Apart from flamingos many other birds can be found here during the monsoon season. Another important activity is boating in the lake, early in the morning when the fog has still not thinned.
    Malshej Ghat in Monsoon
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  7. Ladakh
    Ladakh is a cold place filled with mountain passes and lakes in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a cold fairytale place. During monsoon season the lakes will be filled with water and you can camp near them. Many mountain passes and trekking paths will be opened only during monsoon season. The most important activity of all is the white water rafting. The Indus River is filled with water during monsoon season and rafting is possible during this time.
  8. River Rafting in Ladakh Monsoon
  9. You can enjoy many road trips and visit hanging glaciers, monasteries, villages, rivers, lakes and others. The best activity of all is the Ladakh festival Hemis that happens in September. The folks of Ladakh dress in their traditional dress and sing as they dance through the streets of the city. This festival is a very colourful one.
  10. Leh Hemis Festival
  11. Hemis Festival, Leh Ladakh
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  15. Kodaikanal is a hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is a popular summer destination. If you are planning on a honeymoon or romantic getaway, visit Kodaikanal in monsoon season. The monsoon season gives mild showers every day. The place will be very green and lush during monsoon.
  16. Kodaikanal Monsoon
  17. Most importantly, the lake will be filled with water and you can enjoy boating. There are many scenic places that look more beautiful during rainy season. Do not forget to visit the botanical garden. The flowering plants might bloom only in summer but, the trees in the park will look more beautiful during rainy season.
  18. Kodaikanal Boating in Monsoon
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  20. Lonavala is mountain range in Mumbai. It is located in the Ghats and is one of the most alluring and green place in Mumbai. The mountain ranges, waterfalls and other attractions will be at its prime beauty during monsoon season. The best activities during monsoon in Lonavala are enjoying the stream in Tiger Point, enjoying the caves of 2nd BC and the waterfalls at Bushi dam. The waterfalls picnic is an important activity for romantic couples and people who love water.

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