BeeSphere Consultancy Services Private Limited – Job Details

Job Title: Trainee/Junior Programmer
Location: Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur
Required Skills:
Basic programming skills
Good Communication skills
Good Analytical skills
Good to have knowledge of:
Job Summary:-
Job Type: Full Time
Job Role: IT Software-Engineer
Job Category: IT/Software
Hiring Process: Face to Face Interview
Who can apply: Freshers
About BeeSphere Consultancy Services Private Limited
Our Practice:
1.Primary Research/Quantitative and Qualitative Analytics:
Addressing problems at an early stage is always propitious for developing an effective business strategy. But how one can do that? It requires a deep insight into the market to identify certain changes that could affect a business plan. And analyzing these variations and the reason behind their origin is an important part of marketing.
Therefore, the beer sphere conducts quantitative and qualitative analyses to provide organizations with numbers and figures that show market trends and fluctuations. We follow advanced yet simplified techniques to examine raw data and extract precise information that allows our clients to determine consumer’s behavior for effective planning.
2.Secondary Research/Descriptive and Predictive Analytics:
Why descriptive and predictive analyses are necessary for an effective business strategy? Because in today’s market, competition is very tough. And to survive, companies must look ahead of their time. Descriptive analysis portrays the current picture of the market trends, whereas predictive analysis extract information that determines future possibility by analyzing the past data.
But putting these pieces of information in a single frame to determine the future outcomes is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, the beer sphere conducts descriptive and predictive analysis to make sure that the information we extract in processes like data mining and data aggregation is accurate and to the point. Our provided information assist in improvising business strategies and predicting future possibilities.
3.Training dataset creation for supervised learning algorithm (creation, tagging, and cleaning):
In the world of data, automation is emerging as a divine factor that holds organizations’ interest because of the possibility that it could bring a revolutionary change to the market. Companies are investing more time in developing training datasets for supervised learning algorithms, as it would ease the process of analytics and market research.
But extracting relevant information for training datasets from a raw file is a difficult task. To resolve this issue, the beer sphere develops tools that collect data on a large scale and provide companies with relevant information for training datasets. Our provided data allows the system to learn things on its own and act independently as per the situations.
Market Research Consulting:
1.First-Party Data Collection/ Consulting Survey Programming:
First-party data allows organizations to target their desired audience and develop strategies to attract or retain them. Why is this effective? Because first-party data is collected directly from end consumers. Hence, it gives an actual picture of consumers’ need and their behavior. There are several means to collect first-party data but very are reliable.
beeSphere eliminates this trouble by developing secure platforms for data collection. We hold a dignified team for survey programming, which makes sure that every bit of data is being validated for further procedures. Our priority is to provide good quality data to our clients that they could effectively utilize for market research.
2.Data Processing and Validation:
In the world of data, quality is an important factor that could make a business plan more effective. Therefore, extracting relevant information from raw data is beneficial for market research. It allows a company to identify the right consumers and their behavior.
That is why beeSphere conducts data processing and validation to ensure the quality of data. We perform several operations to generate relevant data that our clients could utilize for market research. Data integrity is also one of the practices we follow at beeSphere to ensure the security of our clients’ information.
3.Customized Report Writing:
A customized report allows a user to monitor the responses and other aspects of a survey like consumers’ engagement and the set target completion. It provides a descriptive summary of qualified users, terminated users, and other relevant data required to understand consumers’ behavior.
beeSphere keeps track of all responses in a survey and create a simplified report that is readable and easy to understand. We do not just provide companies with a customized report but assist through the complete process of survey programming.
Research and development:
1.Customized Research and Reporting Tool Development:
In some cases, companies encounter challenges where consumers couldn’t find relevant information while taking a survey. For such issues, organizations are adopting methods by which they could collect data from a different prospect. But making changes to the existing system is time-consuming.
Hence, the beer sphere develops tools that perform customized research to address consumers’ needs in all prospects. Our tools identify the opportunity where data can be improvised and then implement those changes efficiently without affecting the existing system.

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