Astrology- When will I have my own house?

It is a natural and fundamental intention to have sweet home for survival comfortable in life. According to the capability of person’s financial matter he/she tries to have a good building. Astrology appends certain clues and points how and when a person can have the scope to occupy, purchase or get ownership of a house.
Astrological factors responsible for ownership of a house
Ascendant —general disposition in life, desires and their fulfillment
2nd house /lord —wealth, family inheritance, fortune
3rd house/lord —s- hift from one place to other, change of residence
4th house/lord —l- and, property, home
11th house /lord — gains, income, prosperity
Mars—significator of landed property
Saturn —Obstacles, delays and cancellations
Favorable Combinations for owing a house
4th lord in its own sign, exaltation or friendly sign or exalted planet in the 4th house gives beautiful house.
4th house should be positively influenced by 11th lord from ascendant/Moon
Positive influence of Mars on 4th house/lord from ascendant/Moon
Lords of ascendant and 4th house combined in 4

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