5 Ways to Awaken Your Psychic Powers

We all have heard about people who have psychic powers, are intuitive, and have a strong sixth sense.  It is believed that such people are more perceptive of the environment around them. They are better at sensing danger and understanding other people’s intentions than the rest of us. Psychics are known to sense things before they happen and to whom those things may happen. They can also sense or get visions of past events that may have occurred with someone.While we don’t meet psychics or people with such abilities on a daily basis, these powers are not as uncommon as we think they are. To some extent, these psychic powers are present in all of us. It is just that some of us work on harnessing these hidden magic qualities, others shrug off the little nudges that the universe sends our way as coincidences.  If we want to, we can also develop or learn to use these abilities by practising the right habits and by living a certain lifestyle.How Do You Know You Have Psychic PowersAs said above, everyone is born with these abilities. You just need to recognize situations where your sixth sense speaks to you and learn to listen to it. For example, sometimes you start to feel uneasy or scared in someone’s presence even when you may have just met the person or that person may not have done anything untoward to you. Yet, the feeling of dread is there. More often than not, most people shake off this feeling thinking that it is so because the person is a stranger, only to have a bad experience with the said person later. When that happens, the bad experience is considered to be a coincidence. It is not. The feeling of dread or fear that arises is your intuition telling you that this person or the situation you’re in with them is not right for you and you should be cautious.“ Intuition does not always foretell bad things. It gives positive messages as well.”The exact opposite situation of the above example is also possible. You meet a stranger and yet you’re completely at ease and extremely happy to meet them. You can’t understand the reason for this joy, but it is your inner self-telling you that this person is good for you. Other incidents like suddenly missing people you’ve been out of touch with for a long time, feeling connected to places you’ve never been to before, or having conversations or being in situations where you seem to have an inkling of the possible outcome — this is your psychic abilities trying to connect with you. These senses or feelings develop, become stronger, and occur more frequently if we listen to them. If we keep on ignoring them or shrugging them off as coincidences, then after a time we cease to hear them. And, that is how these powers become uncommon or rare.So if you too want to start to harness your inner psychic, follow these five tips:1.Meditate: Meditation is the cure for many ailments. It also helps quieten our thoughts and make us calm, both of which are necessary to connect with inner psychic. So find a quiet spot, schedule a time slot — begin with 10 – 15 minutes and meditate. Practice breathing, connect with your body, mind, and spirit. Doing this regularly will help you become more aware of your surroundings, get a better control over your feelings and emotions and make you more perceptive. All these qualities will in turn will help you to listen to your intuition and trust it.
If you don’t know how to start meditating, you can either join a course or use apps that have been designed specifically to help people meditate.
2.Be positive: To improve your psychic abilities it is important to build a positive attitude towards life. Negative people are so busy focusing on problems and issues, that they don’t have the time to experience or listen to the nudges that the universe sends their way. So learn to cultivate happiness in your life. Do things that give you joy and help you relax. Also inculcate the habit of helping other people and making them happy. If you’re not a very generous person by nature, you might find this difficult to do initially, but with time it will get easier. This habit will help you become more perceptive of other people’s thought, feelings, and emotions. You will be able to better read people. Being able to read other people is an important part of developing psychic powers.3.Use Essential Oils:  Like meditation, aromatherapy is also known to help people relax. Certain essential oils like sandalwood, frankincense, and sage can help you relax and tap into your intuition. Use these oils as a diffuser, add a few drops in your bath water,  mix them in a carrier oil and give yourself a massage, or dab a few drops in a handkerchief and inhale the scent while you relax. You can also dab a few drops of the oil of your choice on your pillow before you turn in for the night.4.Detox: Awakening your intuition requires a clean and healthy body and mind. One cannot expect to connect with their inner self while fighting off illness, fatigue, or living an unhealthy lifestyle. So, when you decide to work on enhancing your psychic powers, start detox with herbs. To do so, you can use herbs like neem, cilantro, and milk thistle. These herbs will help cleanse your body of toxins. Once you’ve completed a basic cleanse, you can introduce herbs like chamomile, fennel, lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint in your routine to help you relax, reduce negativity, and tap into your inner strength.5.Practice Self Awareness: Before you can become aware of others and their thoughts and feelings, you need to understand ourselves. You can do this by practicing self awareness. Spend time with yourself, understand your thoughts and emotions. Observe how you react to different situations and how it impacts the outcome. Work on controlling your ego, practice humility. Once you’ve mastered your own emotions and feelings, you will be able to better understand what motivates others and how they view life. This knowledge will enable you to read others and their situations better.These are some things you can do to start improving your psychic powers. Once you’ve started on the journey, your intuition will guide towards other means of further improving your abilities…maybe even lead you to a guide or master.Note: The oils and herbs mentioned here are suggestions, consult a practitioner or expert to find the herbs and oils best suited to you.

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